Press Release

¡°THE YOKE OF BEAUTY¡±----from the Bamboo Forest
Venue: Pullman Shanghai Skyway Hotel
Exhibition period: May 14, 2010 ~ July 14, 2010

Internationally acclaimed songwriter, musician, designer, and fine art photographer, PHILLIP JARRELL, exhibits his fine art photography of dreamlike environments, populated by mythical creatures, and beautiful women in stunning costumes. THE YOKE OF BEAUTY, from the Bamboo Forest. The exhibition is showing on the 3rd floor foyer of the Pullman Shanghai Skyway, during the World Expo in Shanghai.
Phillip Jarrell, is an American multi media artist whose credits include, co writing the American Classic, number one hit song, ¡°Torn Between Two Lover¡± by Mary McGregor, which has also been record in Cantonese by Faye Wong, (number one all time best selling Asian female recording artist). Phillip came to China in 2002, and co-founded a fashion photography studio. He has since shot no less than 75 magazine covers, and has acquired world-class commercial brand names to his client list. Most recently he has created a line of musical instruments, Jarrell Guitars. . His guitars are played by the some of the most celebrated pop & rock guitarist in the world, including Madonna¡¯s guitarist Monte Pittman, and CMA¡¯s Musician of the Year 2010, Mac McAnally. Jarrell¡¯s signature electric pick ups, are made by the Legendary Seymour Duncan, which are installed on the special collectors edition, guitars adorned with his fine art images.
Living in Shanghai, Phillip has absorbed the Chinese culture in a wonderful way, and his images tell of his personal experience in a life he has well travelled. He uses ancient Chinese motifs shown in an ultra modern way, and each image represents a step in the process, of spiritual discovery. He makes great use of symbolisms, and fantastic colours that could not have been reproduced in the past. The saturated array has been mastered on Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper, and each image is accompanied by a short comment from the artist.

Jonathan Goodman, New York art critic, and writer for Art In America Magazine and Sotheby¡¯s Asian Art says, ¡°Given our current ability to alter the photograph beyond its original condition, we can only wonder at the artist¡¯s sense of wonder and romantic interest. His audience is dazzled by these images of idealized beauty, made that much more so by the women in decorative dress. In his wish to construct striking images of desire, Jarrell begins with fantasy only to move beyond it, to a place where anything can happen because anything can be imagined. Jarrell¡¯s imagery is inspired by a passion for what can be conceived; however strange that may be, it makes sense as spectacle and as art. ¡± (Please see for the entire article). Take a journey through his creative world as you view his vision of self discovery in a step by step portrait of the inner workings of the process of life.
 Jarrell's path is one of exploration, and extrasensory perception. 

¡°Feeding Time¡±

The horse-mythical creature, part human, part animal, is feeding herself a multifaceted, mirror apple. The apple represents the fruit of knowledge. But it is a reflection of everything around her. You can see the red light shinning in her eyes. Her vision is being affected by the food, and the food we feed ourselves, is made of all the information we receive, via sight, sound, and thought concepts. We see and experience, everything in life through our own understanding, which is affected by what we take in, at all times. From time to time we need to lift ourselves to a higher vantage point in order to see outside of who we think we are. Who we think we are is so much a product of our belief system.
¡°Wear your logic loosely¡± This is food for thought. Phillip Jarrell

The exhibition consists of 29 pieces, signed and numbered. Editions are very limited.

Artist contact: in Chinese or English
Sharon Gao 13501691065